Exercise 1.



Remember everything I have said, you are going to need it.  You have to cultivate the correct mental state in order to do this exercise correctly, many people are completely incapable of this art because they have the wrong energy and mentality, you will notice this as soon as you do the exercise with another person.  Everybody has a COMPLETELY different energy that they bring to relationship.

Remember your focus, you are not here to win an external victory, you are not here to resist your opponent, you are here to perfect your technique and become aware of yourself.  As soon as you meet resistance your instinct will be to redouble your force and speed and then your opponent will do likewise.  All of the grosser aspects of technique(power, speed) will keep on cropping up and minimizing the finer elements of technique and rob you of the ability to learn more and better.

Observe your emotional state, if you get offended or hurt, you change emotional states, don’t let this happen, that means you are being controlled by emotion.  This moving meditation is what stimulated my need recognition to create Shared State Theory of Communication.  Don’t stair at the person’s eyes, look at their chest and let your eyes soften, observe your emotional states and their emotional states changing.  Observe their focus, strategy, and intent change.  Meditate on the corruption of the form of the good and how people so quickly and thoughtlessly change they way they are in relationship with the relationship and abandon their intention, without reason, completely unaware of their inner self and.

If your partner keeps on trying for an external physical victory, thank them for their time and excuse yourself.  Try again until you can find a partner that you can learn from.  Some people are so shallow as humans that they have these tiny little vocabulary or toolbox of strategies and they are completely incapable of not repeating their tiny little pattern.  If you run into a partner like this, one that you can’t learn from, excuse yourself when you feel that you have learned everything that they have to teach.  In trying to win, in moving towards a sense of victory they rob themselves of growth and learning, they missed out on an opportunity.

The first time you do this exercise, only do it for 15 minutes, you will be sore the next day.  It puts a strain on you spiritually as well as physically.  After the session take a few minutes to meditate on the exercises, and visualize the opponent and techniques that they used that you were unprepared for.  Meditate on what can be done to compensate for the technique.  Some techniques are just cheep ways of racking up points, some students will realize that they can use a quick symmetrical double push to the shoulder area in order to upset your balance, and they will use this over and over again.  They think they are smart thwarting the spirit of the game but they are just wasting time and robbing themselves of the opportunity to learn and grow.

Learn to feel your center of gravity, in movement, protect your center, move from your center.  Anything done out of anger or fear is improperly motivated and will end in a bad and or unconscious solution.  Which is great if you are an animal and not a human being(a philosopher), but know that you are surrendering yourself to fate if you choose to do this.

Make sure that you have a good area around you where you can’t hurt yourself if you fall, there shouldn’t be any rocks or hard surfaces.  I strongly recommend that you wear protective eye gear.  One of the things I have seen new students do is they will block a movement right into their own head.  This happens because you don’t as of yet have a sense of your body.  Your movements are not informed by a scientific understanding of your body and until you are used to the exercises your instincts are lackiing, eventually your movements will show an awareness of your body.  


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